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Our Service and Practice

Professional Network Group, Inc. (PNG) strives to bring the best professional consultancy service to our clients, and the highest return of investment to our investors.  Our China Teams advanced education, extensive work experience, in both the U.S. and Greater China Region, global thinking and perspective, local practice and insight, well-built networks, multi-language (and multi-dialect) proficiencies, and profound indulgence in both western and eastern cultures, all give us the edge and key to helping our clients and investors succeed, and convey to them the best quality of professional service and the highest return on investment.

PNGs services focus on three major areas: Management Consulting, Investment Consulting, and Global Capital (e.g. private equity funds) Development and Management, as follows:


*  Management Consulting


* Strategy

* Global Business Management

* Corporate Strategic Planning & Management

* Organization

* Effectively Dealing with Internal & External Changes

* Team Building & Effective Communication Skills

* Leadership Development

* Operations

* Total Quality Management

* Finance Management & Cost Control

* Marketing

* Market Research

* Marketing Strategy & Management

* Client Relationship Management

* Corporate Culture

* Corporation Culture

* Cross-culture Understanding in Global Markets

* Culture Diversity & Sensitivity Training at Workplace


* Investment Consulting


* Investment

* Mergers & Acquisitions

* Foreign Direct Investment

* Foreign Invested Enterprises Formation (including Joint Venture, Wholly Owned Foreign Enterprise and Representative Office, etc.)

* Operations

* Bridging and Partnering

* Public Affairs and Relations


* Global Capital Investment & Management


* Global Private Equity Fund

* Private Equity Fund Development

* Private Equity Fund Management




PNG stands ready at all times to bridge the East and West by providing the best quality services to business enterprises and investors in both the China market and the U.S. & European markets.