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President - Ms. Nora Chang Wang

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Vice President - Ms. Sophia Cheng

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General Manager - Mr. Kevin D. Yu

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Project Manager - Ms. Sean Y. Koh

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Our Biographies


Ms. Nora Chang Wang, Founder and President of Professional Network Group, Inc., brings more than 20 years of administrative and management experience. Ms. Wang has been working as a management consultant since 1998, after serving a full four-year term as New York City Commissioner of Employment and Workforce Development under former Mayor Giuliani; she is the very first Asian American appointed and served in Mayor¡¯s cabinet in the history of the City of New York.

During her public service for the City of New York as the Commissioner for the United States¡¯ largest workforce development system, Ms. Wang led the government agency, with full support from the City¡¯s Administration, working closely with federal and state levels, and the private sector in the City, and launched a system-wide reform, which resulted in successfully reducing the agency-administered annual budget from $18 billion with a workforce of 9,000, down to $7 billion with a workforce of 4,000, yet maintaining its serve level of 40,000, and achieving even better performance in the service delivery.  Because of her extraordinary accomplishments, Ms. Wang earned national recognitions.  A couple of examples among numerous prestigious awards presented to her include: 

  • The Most Outstanding Government Leadership Awards presented by the U.S. Conference of Mayors in 1997, and

  • The Most Outstanding Workforce Development Professional of the Year Award presented by the National Alliance of Businesses in 1996.

With her strong leadership and management skills, and reputable expertise in the global/national/regional/local business & workplace cultural diversity & sensitivity, Ms. Wang has been able to lead her team of China experts to help Chinese and foreign businesses in China with top-quality management and business consulting, legal and financial services, encompassing a wide array of industries and various types of businesses, e.g. private and state-owned enterprises.

Ms. Wang, born in Hong Kong, growing up in Taiwan, came to the United States in the mid-70¡¯s for graduate studies.  Ms. Wang holds a Master¡¯s Degree in Counseling Psychology, Hartford University, West Hartford, Connecticut.  She¡¯s been a New Yorker for almost 30 years.



Ms. Sophie Cheng, Vice President of the Professional Network Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., has joined the team of Professional Network Group, Inc., since 2001, as PNG began expanding its management and business consulting business into China.

 Ms. Cheng brings over more than 20 years of experience in corporate management and business consulting, which includes expertise in Corporate IPO Assessment and Planning, Competitive Strategic Management, and Enterprise Re-Build Planning, in addition to other specialized fields:

  • Fiscal Restructuring and Management

  • Market and Industry Analysis

  • Marketing Strategies and Management

  • Manufacturing Management

  • Corporate Expansion Scheme

  • Corporate Asset Management

  • Investment and Joint Venture Development

After graduating from University of California at Berkeley with an MBA Degree in Finance, Ms. Cheng worked in the United States, beginning as an Internal Auditor with Fairchild Semi-conductor Corporation in Silicon Valley, California,  then as Accountant at D&Dwight CPA Firm, and as Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company, before her returning to Taiwan in the mid-80¡¯s, when its manufacturing industry was right on the bloom, moving from a cost-control stage to further brand-management and capital-investment, and gaining global recognition.

During the 15 years in Taiwan, Ms. Cheng worked as the General Manager at two tele-communications corporations, and later started her own management consulting firm, helping businesses grow through cost saving means, with effective management.  Because of her practical administrative experience and reputable management consulting work,  Ms. Cheng also served for 12 years as Associate Professor at the School of Business Administration at the National Sun Yet-Sen University.

At the turn of the century, Ms. Cheng returned to the United States, and spent two years acting as a Visiting Fellow at the Yale University, with her project focused on ¡°China¡¯s Economy and the China Market on the Rise¡±, where she had spent enormous amount of time traveling in China Mainland, working with business and industry leaders, as well as government agencies.

Upon completion of her project at Yale, Ms. Cheng decided to move to China in 2001.  She worked as the General Manager at  the Fullcomp Business Consulting Corporation in Shanghai, a firm specialized in financial management and strategic planning services.  In the meantime, Ms. Cheng joined the team of Professional Network Group, Inc.

During her over 20 years¡¯ solid experience in management and business consulting, Ms. Cheng counseled more than 200 corporations in Taiwan and Mainland China, and successfully assisted many of her corporate clients going IPO.  

Because of her expertise in management and business consulting, as well as her academic background, Ms. Cheng has written more than twenty technical papers published in academic periodicals in Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.  Furthermore, Ms. Cheng is the author of ¡°Management of Enterprise Intellectual Assets¡±,  a book published by Shanghai University of Finance and Economics Press Corp. in 2003, and highly recommended in 2004 by the reputable Central European School of Management in China.



Mr. Kevin D. Yu, General Manager of the Professional Network Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., has joined the team of Professional Network Group, Inc., since 2001, as PNG began expanding its management and business consulting business into China.

 Mr. Yu, one of the very first wave to the professional consulting business in Mainland China, has been actively engaged in the management and investment consulting profession since the early 90¡¯s.  Carrying over 15 years¡¯ solid experience, Mr. Yu is extremely knowledgeable and familiar with the business operations and management practices under the unique business environment in China, particularly of immense value to his clients, including foreign corporations, Chinese state-owned enterprises, and private-owned companies. 

Growing up in Shanghai, China, Mr. Yu received his Bachelor¡¯s Degree from the Shanghai Science and Technology University, and started his consulting career in early 90¡¯s at Marketing Decision research Co., Ltd., a global consulting firm based in Hong Kong, specialized in marketing research and management.  Two years later, Mr. Yu went back to Shanghai and joined the Sanwa Research Institution, one of the top ¡°think tanks¡± in Japan, affiliated with the formerly called Sanwa Bank, now known as Mitsubishi United Finance Japan, and was in charge of its international business development consultancy, specialized in industry study & investment,  market research & management consulting, and corporate strategic management consulting. 

With more than 8 years¡¯ professional management & business consulting experience in China with international and domestic corporate clientele, Mr. Yu headed for the United States in 1999 to pursue advanced education, for the Master¡¯s Degree Program of Business Administration, majoring in Banking & Finance, at the Frank G. Zarb Business School of Hofstra University.  Upon returning to China after the graduate study, Mr. Yu resumed his management consultancy career, with the focus on foreign investment and business development in China, and joined the China expert team of Professional Network Group, Inc. in 2001. 

During his consulting career life, Mr. Yu, received not only the MBA schooling in the U.S., but also a series of intensive on-the-job training and advanced seminars in Hong Kong and Japan, designed specifically for senior-level management consultants in the areas of marketing and strategic management, industry-focus study and investment strategies and management.  Because of his reputable expertise built over the years, Mr. Yu was invited frequently by ¡°Chinese Dragon¡±, a well-known Japanese Economy & Finance Journal, as an Investment Expert for the Journal¡¯s China Investment Column, to introduce various industry & investment strategies in China. 

Along with his advanced education, professional training, and work experience overseas, as well as in China, Mr. Yu, over the years, has established a reputable track record in management & business consulting, encompassing diverse industry sectors, and among all different types of business clients: foreign and domestic, state-owned and private-operated, government and non-government.  Another major reason for Mr. Yu¡¯s successful career lies in Chinese/English his bilingual proficiencies and deep understanding of the various business cultures in the East and West.



Ms. Sean Koh is Project Manager of the Professional network Group (Shanghai) Co., Ltd..  Before joining the team of Professional Network Group, Inc., Ms. Koh had worked for 15 years at several major telecommunication companies, including British Telecomm, MCI, and Siemens, in the Silicon Valley of California, U.S.A.

Ms. Koh¡¯s strengths in analytical ability and project coordination provided her many challenging opportunities during her career in the Information Technology industry, and she received much recognition for her outstanding performances. 

Born and growing up in Taiwan, Ms Koh received her Bachelor¡¯s Degree from SooChow University, with a double major: Business Administration and Computer Science; she went to the United States for advanced education, and completed the MBA Program at William Patterson College of New Jersey.  Ms. Koh started to work in New York City in the early 90¡¯s, when the telecommunication industry was flourishing, and decided to learn more on the technical skills at City College of New York in preparation for her move to the Silicon Valley, California, to begin her career in the Information Technology industry.  During the 15 years, Ms. Koh worked in those well-established, major telecommunication corporations, and received intensive training, which officially certified her project management skills, at the University of California Extension at Santa Cruz, and eventually moved her career to higher levels of project coordination and management.

In 2005, Ms. Koh moved to Shanghai, China, one of the fastest-growing and most exciting cities in the world.  As Professional Network Group, Inc. is expanding its management and business consulting service into China, Ms. Koh¡¯s professional experience in project management, combined with her expertise in information technology and background in business administration, adds tremendous value to PNG¡¯s global business operations bridging the East and West.